Platefully was a beginning, but not an end!

From day one, it has been our mission to provide healthy food to everyone and we were truly blessed by all of you amazing customers, who supported us by purchasing our products, spreading the love and being an active community member.

We are at a stage requiring funds to scale up our operations and in search of resources, we decided to pause operations. While, like always, we will try our best to continue the fight with hunger, we want you to know our heart-felt appreciation for you and your support.

If you ever felt connected and appreciated Platefully, we would love your contributions to our growth campaign. – Feel Good Gourmet, Choose What You Pay!

At, we believe everyone should be able to cook a healthy, delicious meal for their family in ten minutes

That’s why we offer home-delivered meal kits with unique pay-what-you-can pricing so that anyone in our service area can get a thoughtfully planned, fully prepped dinner using
only the freshest ingredients.

Meet Chef H’s Co-Founder and Chef
The only thing Hoss Yazdi loves more than creating great cuisine is sharing it with others. Ten years ago, he left an engineering career to pursue his passion for cooking so he could spread health and happiness through gourmet.

During the COVID pandemic, Chef H realized people were losing financial security and confined to their homes, making dinner a daily challenge for many. He wanted to help somehow, and was born.

“It isn’t a labor of love -- to me, it’s all love,” says Chef H. “I have found a way to do what I love to do, and to share it with everybody.”